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My favorite baby shower gift

“This bag really does it all. It has pockets for everything and anything. It keeps the bottles warm. This sure beats the ugly old time diaper bag that my mother used. Nice to use as Backpack it even fits my laptop.

It took a few tries to get the trick to folding in the Bassinet but after doing it a couple times I can now do it quickly and easily. Its a nice feature for when we are on the go and want a bit more secure and clean place to lay or change the baby. Thank you Aunt Cathy for a great gift! "

Mellisa W.

  • Must have Bag for a Busy Mom

  • A Place for Everything a Baby Needs

  • Stylish Design with Modern Features

  • Available in 5 Cute Colors

  • Easy to Clean waterproof Material

  • Durable High Quality Materials

  • Not Found in Stores

  • 30 Day No Fuss Returns

  • Free Shipping


How does the Fold out Bassinet work?

Will this attach to my stroller?

Yes there are 2 Stroller hooks included which makes it attach to a stroller easily

How does the USB phone charging port work?

There is a pocket and attachment on the inside of the bag where you attach any standard Portable power bank(Not Included) and then there is USB port built into the outside of the bag where you can plug in your phones charging cable.

How many Bottles will this hold?

There are 3 insulated Bottle pockets. These can be used to keep bottles either warm or cold.

What is the Size and dimensions?

Are the Shoulder Straps Padded?

Yes, They have a nice amount of padding and are very comfortable on your shoulders.