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Louis Vuitton care and storage guide

The intent of this guide is to give you some guidance on the proper care and storage of your Louis Vuitton bag. There are many different materials used across the various lines of Louis Vuitton bags. Some are more tolerant and forgiving to the elements than others, this guide is just outlining the best practices for most models.


  It is recommended you always store your bag in an authentic Louis Vuitton dust bag. In a future post guide we post will be more in depth about LV dust bags. Covering authentication and styles also tips on the getting the right size and style for your particular LV model.


The primary enemy of your LV bag is the elements. Extreme heat, cold, humidity, direct sunlight and moisture can all can have a negative impact on your precious bag.


High temperatures

  Many of the materials used on LV bags could be damaged by high heat. We have seen bags that were left in a hot car for just a few hours and badly lost there shape and also discoloration. Things like makeup, candy, lotions and many other items commonly kept in a handbag will melt, leak etc. in higher temperatures and easily ruin the interior of your bag.


Extreme Cold

  Very cold temperatures will make pieces made of vinyl, rubber and plastic very brittle and prone to cracking.


Direct Sunlight

  Many leathers especially Vachetta leather that is common to the LV classic Monogram models are very sensitive to UV light from sunlight. Some will use this to hasten the patina process. If you plan to do this do it from an inside window in small sessions of 20 mins or so and be sure to alternate sides to get an even patina.


Rain and Moisture

  Rain and humidity I would put as the biggest enemy of most LV models. Vachetta leather can be very sensitive to getting wet and can leave stains and water spots fairly quickly. If you get your bag wet immediately pat it dry with a soft cloth. Do not rub and don't freak out if it appears like a stain, most times it will dry within an hour or so and you will not even notice it happened. NEVER use a blow dryer to dry your Louis Vuitton bag.


Long term storage

  First and foremost for any long term storage you want to use a genuine Louis Vuitton dust bag. They are designed specifically to control the humidity when storing your bag. Store your bag in a cool dry place, never in a basement as we have experienced many vintage bags with corrosion and mildew smells from being stored In a humid environment like a basement.


  Most  bags I recommend stuffing to hold their shapes for long term storage, I would only use 100% cotton material, like some towels or old shirts. NEVER use paper or cardboard, this will draw out the natural oils of the leather and dry it out.


General maintenance 

  Don't forget to care for the zippers, fittings, buckles, rivets and other metal parts of your bag. Many of these are made of brass and can over time tarnish or discolor. You can use brass cleaner like Brasso but be extremely careful to not get any on the leather as it will easily ruin it. you will be pleasantly surprised the results you can obtain with just a polishing cloth and some elbow grease. Nice shiny brass can really make your bag stand out.

For sticky zippers a trick is to use wax paper and run it up and down the teeth of the zipper. This will put a microscopic coating of wax on the zipper and make it zip/unzip easier.

Cleaning and Conditioning

We only use Lexol brand leather deep cleaner. This has the right PH that it will not leave any stains or water marks on the leather. We use a wet sponge and it is safe to use on all parts of the bag. Remove excess with a slightly damp cloth the vachetta may appear dark immediately after but will dry to the original patina after a few hours.

  For long term protection we have found through experience Cadillac brand leather boot and shoe care to be the best all around conditioner for Louis Vuitton bags. Apply very sparingly and rub it in very gently! dry with soft cloth. Be sure to test it on a small out of the way spot to make sure there is no undesired discoloration or effects on your particular bag.


  Beware of some guides that talk about using things like baby wipes and magic erasers to remove stains from vachetta leather. Although in some cases these can work fine we have also seen many instances of disastrous results. Stains and discoloration can in many cases can be removed or lightened, but the techniques or products to use can vary based on the age and condition of the leather. 


I hope this guide proves helpful to you. We here at PoshBagShop are more than willing to assist you in any way, just drop us a message. Just click the pictures below if you would like to purchase.